It’s completely okay to practice yoga in a nice yoga practice centre. It’s good to do walking meditation in a romantic forest. That’s not a problem. The problem might be on the other side of the same thought. If I am somehow convinced that certain places are particularly suitable for mindfulness and awakening other places probably are absolutely not suitable for that. So the work meeting in my company will probably never be a place for spiritual practice and neither the road in front of my house with the dangerous pedestrian crossing. This means that unpleasant images, sounds, smells, feelings and thoughts are enough to chase away mindfulness and attention which must be placed elsewhere in suitable spaces where I’m not troubled any more by any of those unpleasant impulses in order to finally find the right place for my liberation from all suffering and illusion.

That’s simply not the case. Your daily life is the right place for your liberation from suffering and illusion and nothing else. And your life simply happens in nice, ugly and the neutral places. Mindfulness is the instrument to understand where I am and what my mind is currently doing. Liberation doesn’t take place in a nice meditation centre. And liberation doesn’t take place in ugly places. Liberation starts to develop when I’m not influenced any more by being in a nice or ugly place. Liberation includes the insight that “nice” or “ugly” are changeable ideas in my mind and that the ant at my feet has a completely different opinion of this place. And rightly so.

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