“If we succeed more and more to transform our daily ways and paths into meditative ways and paths we will see in a completely natural way more and more solutions to get out of a live intangled in so many activities, jobs, hobbies and commitments in order to find our way into a life in which we do effortlessly the things that are good for ourselves and for the people around us.

At that point it’ll be no longer necessary to change and re-organise many aspects of our lives to be able to meditate. At that point meditation can come to us – but before we must stop to look so hard for something outside ourselves which will make us definitely happy when we can eventually find it.

It’s about loosening the grip, it’s about permitting life to simply happen, it’s about becoming part of the big flow without opposing ourselves too often against the stream with a big NO in our heads, a no based on countless thoughts and ideas which only wear us out, make us tired and weak and give us very little – also on a purely materialistic level.”

Translated excerpt from: (c) 2014: “Gehmeditation im Alltag” (Walking Meditation in Everyday Life) by Volker Winkler, published by Windpferd Verlag; translation here: Volker Winkler

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