A Highway to Awakening

Walking Meditation - Highway to Enlightenment 05-15

“Our mind works and develops itself mostly based on habits. This is true for both its parts, the rational part and the one we call in buddhism Bodhicittà (mind & heart),

When we learn something new like a foreign language, driving a car, playing the piano or using a new computer software – all this at the beginning is difficult. There is only one reason for that: we haven’t done this often yet, we are not used to doing it. After a while we might be able to do the same things without any effort or difficulty in a precise and reliable way and also for that there is only one reason: we have done this now so often now that our brain has developed strong and effective routes of transmission. The whole thing has become a routine or a habit.

Simplifying we could say: we have to do everything we really want to do or learn only often enough  and success will be virtually unavoidable. Only two things are important: begin and continue.”

Translated excerpt from: (c) 2014: “Gehmeditation im Alltag” (Walking Meditation in Everyday Life) by Volker Winkler, published by Windpferd Verlag; translation here: Volker Winkler

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