“We can trust the fact that it’s enough to get in touch with the Now again and again, day by day, in rituals that might seem quite repetitive.

There’s the breathing and the sense perceptions. And there’s the mind. We feel our breathing, we get in touch with it and remain in touch with it. We simply receive the signals of our senses, we perceive them, while being awake, open and patient. And we watch our mind, we somehow look into it, awake, open and with compassion for ourselves and the others. That’s all. We do this often. We do it every day. We do it whenever we can. There’s not much else to be done.

This way we will liberate ourselves. Many others liberated themselves this way before us from constant dissatisfaction and fear. Why shouldn’t we be able to do the same?”

Translated excerpt from German: (c) 2014: “Gehmeditation im Alltag” by Volker Winkler, published by Windpferd Verlag; Italian translation published by “Edizioni Il Punto d’Incontro” (Oct. 2015)

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