Eighty thousand thoughts in your head, every day. A radio talking talking away while it’s creating an illusion of a world that never existed. Creating an ”I” that was never there. Your true nature is so great and beautiful that thoughts can never get ist.

Outside: paradise.
You: the richest person alive.
Can you handle that?

While staying in silence and in contact with your body and your breathing there’s no alternative to being yourself. Your true Self watches this ”I” that was never ”you”, in a loving way, patiently and wise.

That ”you” is already going away, like eighty thousand thoughts will pass. And you will pass, you are in fact passing through this paradise of your reality right now.

Start handling it. Then start enjoying it while you’re waking up to life and love.

Because now love is all that remains.
The love you’ve always been – and has always been in everything around you.

In mindfulness you find Gods tenderness

In mindfulness you find Gods tenderness

Don’t meditate. Just sit. Breathe. Take your time, take a lot of time. Breathing and sitting you’ll go beyond time and into the essence and deep truth of time: the Now.

Don’t practice walking meditation. Just walk. Feel the ground, feel your feet, your step, your muscles, the tender touch of the clothes on your skin.

Feel. Smell. See and taste all this because it has the taste of joy. And listen, listen carefully to everything that sounds and doesn’t sound inside you and around you.

Every slight breeze will caress you with a loving hand, every passing motorbike will become a lover’s word whispered in your ear, softly and delicately. Every smell and every stink will surprise your senses in a loving way. Every disturbance becomes a lover’s gift, wrapped in funny paper. Every thought is now an appreciated guest who arrives, stays for a while and leaves to follow his own magnificent ways.

You are loved, deeply loved and in this silence you find God’s tenderness, the caressing hand of life for you. You always knew. But it always was so close that it seemed impossible: so much happiness, so much love without attempt, without effort, without fear.



Saturdays are my mindfulness days. Meditation, breathing, silence, nature – simply walking, simply breathing, simply being. These are the nicest days. No money, no travel, no mind-blowing experience can top this simple joy and beauty.

In Paris some crazy honourless criminals kill defenseless people. Their goal: create fear, in us, in me.

What to do? Well, in my case: meditation, breathing, silence, nature – simply walking, simply breathing, simply being. Because these are and remain the nicest days, also today. Why not?

And the crazy honourless criminals don’t reach their goal in me. No fear. No hatred. Sadness, yes. But also the joy of a sunny autumn day made of mindfulness, silence and peace. Yes peace. They can’t take peace away from me.

Have a great Sunday!



“We can trust the fact that it’s enough to get in touch with the Now again and again, day by day, in rituals that might seem quite repetitive.

There’s the breathing and the sense perceptions. And there’s the mind. We feel our breathing, we get in touch with it and remain in touch with it. We simply receive the signals of our senses, we perceive them, while being awake, open and patient. And we watch our mind, we somehow look into it, awake, open and with compassion for ourselves and the others. That’s all. We do this often. We do it every day. We do it whenever we can. There’s not much else to be done.

This way we will liberate ourselves. Many others liberated themselves this way before us from constant dissatisfaction and fear. Why shouldn’t we be able to do the same?”

Translated excerpt from German: (c) 2014: “Gehmeditation im Alltag” by Volker Winkler, published by Windpferd Verlag; Italian translation published by “Edizioni Il Punto d’Incontro” (Oct. 2015)