2019 – The year of the flow

2019 – The year of the flow
The coming year will surely give you what you need – but maybe not what you want.
Many people are caught in their ideology of what’s right and what’s wrong today. Get out of that by getting in touch with your body and your breathing, by getting in touch with the Now, by getting out of your “no” and into the flow.
And simply enjoy being there even while others still keep throwing their “no” at everybody else. The flow doesn’t mind – so you shouldn’t either.
It’s simple to be happy. It’s a question of being out of control and completely in charge. It’s the question of being in the flow or not. It’s easy if you are and it’s hard if you’re not.
It’s as simple as that. The flow has always been simple – and forever will be.



Every moment and every breath, every thought and idea, every breeze of the wind, every sound or sensation, every movement and every touch is of the highest possible importance, is there, now, for you. It’s your life. All your life. Now. There are no details.

But there is also nothing else.

The whole thing, the system and the principle, the interaction of it all, the big picture – it’s nothing but a game.

You’re playing it with maximum attention in every given moment, in every second of this precious life – but knowing: it’s altogether just a game.

And you’re winning it.



Eighty thousand thoughts in your head, every day. A radio talking talking away while it’s creating an illusion of a world that never existed. Creating an ”I” that was never there. Your true nature is so great and beautiful that thoughts can never get ist.

Outside: paradise.
You: the richest person alive.
Can you handle that?

While staying in silence and in contact with your body and your breathing there’s no alternative to being yourself. Your true Self watches this ”I” that was never ”you”, in a loving way, patiently and wise.

That ”you” is already going away, like eighty thousand thoughts will pass. And you will pass, you are in fact passing through this paradise of your reality right now.

Start handling it. Then start enjoying it while you’re waking up to life and love.

Because now love is all that remains.
The love you’ve always been – and has always been in everything around you.