In mindfulness you find Gods tenderness

In mindfulness you find Gods tenderness

Don’t meditate. Just sit. Breathe. Take your time, take a lot of time. Breathing and sitting you’ll go beyond time and into the essence and deep truth of time: the Now.

Don’t practice walking meditation. Just walk. Feel the ground, feel your feet, your step, your muscles, the tender touch of the clothes on your skin.

Feel. Smell. See and taste all this because it has the taste of joy. And listen, listen carefully to everything that sounds and doesn’t sound inside you and around you.

Every slight breeze will caress you with a loving hand, every passing motorbike will become a lover’s word whispered in your ear, softly and delicately. Every smell and every stink will surprise your senses in a loving way. Every disturbance becomes a lover’s gift, wrapped in funny paper. Every thought is now an appreciated guest who arrives, stays for a while and leaves to follow his own magnificent ways.

You are loved, deeply loved and in this silence you find God’s tenderness, the caressing hand of life for you. You always knew. But it always was so close that it seemed impossible: so much happiness, so much love without attempt, without effort, without fear.